Awsive Osive began in 2007 with my lucky yellow dickies pick, an ol' purple spotted guitar and a blank notebook I filled with compositions in around a week. A number of jam style tapes were recorded filled with short trash thrash style. After making several tapes the band went down for a year and returned for a time in 2009 with 2 keyboard tapes barely surviving longer than some garage bands it again died off which heeded way for the magnet charged Scrap Rabbit that spawned hits like "Deflection, Nothing Too Great To Keep, Arachnid, The Wrath Child, Beyond Lost, On Halloween, and more. 7 years later my faded Dickies pick turned up resulting in the return of Awsive Osive in 2016. My B channel Storm Seizure on youtube features a number of the underground early releases and includes some of the latest recording sessions in EP form. Some Awsive Osive songs were like twisted nursery rhymes gone haywire like "Bee's Wax" while others were well received like "Sun Flower, The Great Hate, Only The One I Love, Smokestack Shuffle, Hornet's Nest, and Bee's Wax" The last 2 listed were improvised.

A full 40 minute video on Storm Seizure features a concept session around Bees which was a reoccuring theme for Awsive Osive. Early tapes like 'Garbage Dog, 'Bee's Wax, 'Untolerable Injustice, 'Killer Bee Sides, 'Scrap Demos, and a deformation tape called "Torcher Wheel, 'Heap-Pile Monster, 'Scrap Menu'' and a few others were all made in 2007.

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Lake Seizure
therefore you must enter the lake at night.
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Awsive Archive

After 7 years Awsive Osive has returned with new and remade material for a fresh new release. The difference between my main project Scrap Rabbit and Awsive Osive is the fact that Awsive Osive is more instrumental based. 

Early first full length Awsive Osive tape 2007

Untolerable Injustice (below)

Early Second full lenght tape

The One To End all Tears / Killer Bee Sides (below)

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